Richard Nicoll Handbag Charges Your Phone

June 8, 2012 by

This just may be the best invention ever (you know, after the printing press, and antibiotics, and…well, you know what we mean). As part of his fall fashion collection, British designer Richard Nicoll collaborated with telecommunications giant Vodafone to create a stylish handbag that can charge a smart phone or tablet.

How does it work? Simply slip your device into a discrete inner pocket containing a retractable cable (so you can use your phone even while it’s charging—brilliant).

A battery charger hidden within the bag will use magnetic induction (technology you might already be using if you own an electric toothbrush) to generate the power needed to charge your electronics.

The bag is able to store enough juice for a couple of day’s worth of use, after which you’ll have to power it back up by attaching a magnetic charger to the bag’s exterior.

Another fun feature is the Bluetooth-enabled LED charm, which subtly dangles on the outside of the bag and indicates phone notifications, incoming calls, and remaining battery life.

The bag doesn’t have a name. To get it, you’ll have to visit a luxury store and ask for the Richard Nicoll charging tote.

photo credits: Richard Nicoll/Vodafone

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