Road Trip Lunch

December 13, 2013 by

built bagDon’t get stuck eating hot dogs and chips on your next road trip. Pack along a gourmet lunch and stop for a picnic or a quick lunch at an overlook.

Built makes designer quality bags with a thrifty price tag. These bags insulate for up to 4 hours and are made with stain resistant, lead and PVC free material. In fact, they’re made of neoprene (the same stuff wetsuits are made of).

Zip closure prevents any apples from falling out and getting lost under the car seat, while its washable material allows it to stay germ free and pretty.

The soft, flexible material provide extra ample room for oddly shaped plastcwares and large or small fruits and snacks.

Twelve patterns are available to match any personality or style and a budget friendly tag of $24.99, about what it costs for a coffee at a rest stop.

Get yours here.

Photo Source: Built

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    That is a very cute lunch bag! Love that it’s insulated since keeping food warm or cold is the hardest part of eating on the road.

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