Selfie Stick Eliminates Asking Strangers to Take Your Picture

February 13, 2015 by

Selfie Stick

No more asking a stranger to take your picture when on vacation. Selfie sticks are a relatively new accessory that lets you take quality selfies from further away. T

hey were once known as monopods and were mostly used in extreme sports to capture the action. But now these sticks are designed to work with most hand-held devices with a clamp at the end of the stick and are growing in popularity along with the selfie.

This invention as the “selfie stick” first flourished in Asia. It started out as a giant pole with a cellphone attached to the end. The idea caught fire, and in South Korea, so many types of selfie sticks showed up that officials actually cracked down on people selling “unregulated” selfie sticks.

Selfie Stick

Works with Most Handheld Devices

Here in the States, we have our own share of selfie sticks to choose from.

Selfie on a Stick is one option. It comes in four color: red, pink, blue, or black, and it expands to over 3 feet which makes it a perfect choice when you’re trying to get a selfie that includes something in the background.

They are designed to work with most hand held devices, but when shopping for a selfie stick it is important to check into the details to be sure it will work with your device. The Selfie on a Stick conveniently folds down to a portable 8 inches making it easy to carry and handy to use.

Selfie Stick

Easy to Use

For the most part, all selfie sticks work in a similar manner. Simply connect your device securely in the clamp at the end of the pole.

As for taking the picture, some sticks work on a timer which can be set for 2 to 3 seconds. Others, like the Selfie Stick Noot, have a built-in shutter button that lets you manually take continuous pictures with the stick extended.

The fact is, the selfie stick explosion has hit the shores of America, so it’s worth doing your homework to find the selfie stick that offers features suited to your device and photo taking preferences.

While some people think they look geeky, they are a hot item in Times Square, at Mount Rushmore, and the Gateway Arch. They let you get the picture you want without asking someone you don’t know if they would snap a photo of you.

Photo credits: Petar Milošević, wikimedia, Amazon

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    First of all, God forbid you should talk to a friendly stranger to ask for a photo! No true social interaction allowed for this generation!

    Second these are preposterous unless you are travelling alone.

    Third, I almost bought one as a joke gift but it didn’t have the shutter button so it seemed useless, too big, and awkward for someone to actually carry around.

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