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Getting a postcard in the mail can be fun. But the same can’t be said when trying to find a postcard. Postcards are getting harder to find, and when you do it can be difficult to find one that actually conveys the fun you’re having or the beauty of the place you’re visiting.

Then there’s the issue of actually writing a message on them and getting them in the mail so they arrive back home before you do.

Now there’s an app that can change all that. Postagram lets you send a personalized postcard and you don’t even have to find a post office.


What Postagram Can Do

Postagram can turn your vacation photos into beautiful postcards delivered by snail mail.

Plus it’s an app that lets you share memories anytime because it can turn your iPhone, Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox photos into beautiful postcards all for just 99 cents in the U.S. and $1.99 elsewhere around the world. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can also send a postagram from your desktop.

Easy to Use

Postagram is also easy-to-use. It lets you combine the fun of taking vacation photos with sending them to friends and family. On your end it is all handled electronically, but at the other end your loved ones will receive a real postcard called a Postagram.


What a Postagram Looks Like

The postagram you send arrives home in just 2 -5 business days (international cards may take 2 -3 weeks) with your glossy photo printed on a thick quality stock.

You can include your own personal message if you want, but that’s optional. And the 300 dpi photo on the Postagram can actually pop free from the card and be kept as a keepsake.


Once you return home from vacation, the Postagram app can be used to personalize all kinds of notes and cards. Create your own baby announcements, invitations, Christmas cards, or thank you notes with this practical app.

To get your Postagram app go to their website to download. If your Postagram gets lost in the mail, or is damaged, they will send another for free or return your money.

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