Space Saver: Lightload Compressed Beach Towel

July 15, 2012 by

Bathing suit, sun hat, beach chair, umbrella—packing for a day at the beach can be overwhelming. That’s why we love the Lightload Compressed Beach Towel.

The Lightload Compressed Beach Towel weighs in at only .5 oz and easily fits into a pocket. But after breaking open the waterproof wrapper, it unravels to 36 in X 60 in, proving that sometimes good things do come in small packages.

Once open, the towel is soft on skin and extremely durable. And a bonus for beach-goers: it’s fast drying, meaning you won’t have to drive back home with a soggy towel in the trunk.

The towels are also super-absorbent, holding up to nine times their own weight—something no standard cotton beach towel can claim.

And since they’re so small, you can slip one into your purse and tote it around no matter what the season. The Lightload Compressed Beach Towel is also perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and are a favorite amongst the backpacking and hiking crowd (who use it for everything from a blanket to a first-aid bandage, to a flag for signaling).

Lightload Compressed Beach Towels retail for $9.95 each and come in assorted colors. Buy online at Flight 001, or through Lightload’s website.

photo credits: Flight 001

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Is this for one-time usage? Because I can’t see there is any way you’d be able to compress it again. Is it made of regular terry cloth?

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