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Business travelers and road warriors alike know how hard it is to find good, reliable WiFi. Public servers can be spotty and even pricey hotels often tack a hefty daily surcharge onto your bill.

Enter Karma, a pocket-sized device that offers no contract pay-as-you-go connectivity anywhere.

Here’s how it works: After charging your Karma hotspot, log on to your account and purchase data for $14 a GB (for reference, 1GB equals the power it takes to listen to 8 hours of streamed music or check out 1,000 websites) and start surfing.

When you run out of data, purchase more or earn more by sharing your connection. There is no contract, no fees and your data never expires.

A Karma hotspot can be shared with up to 8 users at a single time, and for each guest that joins the hotspot, the main account earns 100MB of free data (meaning when 8 guests use your Karma hotspot, you earn 800MB of data).

When a guest hops on to the shared connection, they’re prompted to create an account and are also automatically given 100MB of data for free (after that initial data, guests must purchase more). A guest’s account is kept completely separate from the main account, keeping any information and all purchased and accumulated data private.

Karma currently works in 80 major US cities and offers download speeds of 4 to 6 Mbps. Karma WiFi retails for $99 and can be purchased online.

photo credit: Karma

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  1. Julie C. says:

    This would be handy if you travel alot or are moving around to a lot of different locations during your vacation.

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