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HydrapakWhether you’re a biker, hiker, skier, snowboarder, or runner, staying hydrated is important. It can be challenging to find a good way to carry that precious water you need.

One product that works well is the Hydrapak Soquel. It holds 70 ounces, and since the lightweight vest type style carries the weight of the water across your back, you’ll almost forget it’s there until you need a drink.

Hydrapak Soquel

The Hydrapak Soquel is made of lightweight, water-resistant nylon. It opens with a zipper for easy installation of the reversible water bladder in a fully insulated compartment. The fact that the bladder is reversible makes refilling quick work. The hose snaps in and out with an easy-to-use quick release connection technology with little to no spillage.

This hydration pack does not serve as a backpack but is lightweight and perfect for minimalists who prefer to carry a bladder on their back for a day trip so they don’t have to worry about where they will find water late in the afternoon. However, it does offer mesh pockets to store a few essentials and is equipped with a key clip.

E-Lite Vest

Hydrapack also offers the E-Lite Vest

E-Lite an Even Lighter Choice

The Hydrapak Soquel comes in gray/red, teal, black, or blue and is equipped with an elastic pump loop for easy use. The slider sternum strap offers adjustability for comfort.

For those looking for an even lighter option, Hydrapak also makes the E-Lite Vest which carries about half as much water with more pockets or integrated holsters. This lighter pack offers five adjusting points for perfect fit.

Staying hydrated is important no matter the activity you choose. Hydrapak makes carrying the water you need as natural as putting on your shoes. No more stopping to reach for your bottle, you just sip the tube and keep on moving. Because a hydration pack makes drinking less time consuming, those who use them tend to stay well hydrated.

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