Supersmile Powdered Mouthrinse

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We like to travel light, which is why we’re always on the hunt for TSA-friendly products to tote along in our carry-ons (like these single-use gel masks from When and MiniMergency Kits).

Our latest find is powdered mouthrinse from Supersmile. These one-use packets mean keeping your smile sparkly, without having to stock up on tiny-sized mouthwash bottles.

Just open the packet any time your breath needs a pick-me-up (after chowing down on that in-flight meal, perhaps?) and add water directly into the pouch until it reaches the water line. Swirl it to dissolve all the powder and then swish in your mouth like you would a normal mouthwash.

The rinse freshens and whitens, by using Calprox, a professional-grade whitener that helps to remove stubborn stains caused by coffee, tobacco and red wine. It also include baking soda, a known fighter of plaque and gingivitis.

The powdered mouthrinse also contains no sugar or alcohol, so its perfect for those with certain sensitivities.

A box of Supersmile Powdered Mouthrinse contains 24 single-serving packets and retails for $16. Pick them up at a number of online beauty retailers or at

Chic Travelers: What are some of your TSA-approved beauty must-haves? Tell us in the comments below!

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