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When it comes to packing, do you question how many pairs of socks to pack or how many pairs of jeans to bring, and whether you should pack long and short sleeve shirts just in case the weather changes?

You work through all the decisions and finally sit on your suitcase so it can zip but once you’re your way and realize you forgot something!¬†Well now there’s an app for that.

ProPoint App Generates Customizable List

For those who are tired of over stuffing their suitcase, there’s a new app to help you pack just what you need without forgetting a thing. In fact, the PackPoint app by Wawwo is free and comes with the promise to “Never Forget Your _____ Again!

Gender specific PackPoint apps are available for men and women. Each lets you enter your destination, date, length of stay, and includes a list of activities to choose from. It will also want to know if your trip is for business or leisure.

All of your answers will be reflected in the packing list generated. ProPoint actually pulls up the weather report for your destination and takes that into consideration, too.

It creates a list for you to choose from and quantities are based on repeating basics like shirts, pants, and whether or not laundry facilities are available. The app offers flexibility to customize the list and along with clothing items, features a list of work-related items such as laptop, laptop charger but also reminders to pack business cards, work cell, etc.


Easy to Use

The PackPoint app is easy to use and will start by asking you questions about your trip, but one of the things that makes this travel app stand out is that it also asks about what you plan to do on your trip. Let’s face it if you are going hiking and camping in backcountry you won’t need an outfit for a fancy dinner.

PackPoint takes the guesswork out of packing for any trip. It will populate your list with suggested items. You can remove items from the list or add to it and make it uniquely your own. Once you finish, you can save the list for later or share it with others.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    That’s a neat idea, but I’d be afraid it would remind me to pack even MORE than I usually do! Worth a try, though.

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