The Belkin Rock Star Lives Up to Its Name

October 19, 2012 by

Belkin Rock Star Headphone Splitter

Picture it: you and a car full of others are quietly zooming up the interstate on a roadtrip that’s set to last several hours. One rider cranks up an MP3 and several folks start rocking out to the music or getting fully invested in the words of the audiobook, while it takes a superhuman amount of self-control for the others not to jump out the window with abject irritation.

For those with divergent sonic tastes, Belkin has the perfect dashboard solution.

Its aptly named “Rock Star” is a headphone splitter that allows for five different listeners on one device, making way for multiple kinds of musical enjoyment in any given car ride. At $13 a pop, the Rock Star could conceivably appease an SUV or bus full of kids with musical tastes spanning the map without an ounce of frustration over the age-old “who gets to play DJ?” conundrum.

For the occasional driver who prefers the sweet sound of silence while tearing down the highway, here’s hoping their roadfaring companions aren’t the sort who like to hum along to whatever’s playing in their ears.

Photo credit: Belkin via Amazon.

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