The HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER Self Propelled Suitcase

November 6, 2012 by

Tired of pulling your suitcase around while you’re walking through the airport? Innovative company Hammacher Schlemmer has a solution. The company recently introduced the only self-propelled suitcase on the market.

This amazing invention automatically provides power assistance for when you are going up an incline or are struggling to pull your luggage. The suitcase does so with the help of sensors that are in the handle to monitor how much force you are using as you are pulling.

When you are struggling, electric motors in the suitcase kick into action to help you propel the suitcase up to 3 MPH.

This suitcase is the first of its kind, transferring 85% of the carried weight onto the wheels and therefore drastically reducing the weight you have to pull on your own. This ultimately leads to better maneuvering on your part for ultimate control.

As you move through terminals, the sensors pick up your movement up inclines and down declines. As you decline, the motors smartly disengage.

In order to work, the handle needs to be pulled out from the suitcase and the suitcase has to be in motion between 15° and 35°. There also must be at least 15 pounds in the suitcase for the power assistance to operate, and the total weight that the suitcase can hold is 70 pounds.

The Hammacher Schlemmer self propelled suitcase is available on the company’s website and retails for $1300.


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  1. Penny W. says:

    Cool. But pricey. What’s next: robot red caps to tote your luggage for you? (That sounds genius.)

  2. Joquena says:

    I want a self-propelling diaper bag. With 3 kids it’s criminal the stuff I have to carry around in my giant bookbag.

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