The Perfect Pantone Suitcase

August 7, 2012 by

Pantone Suitcase in Robin's Egg Blue

Any designer worth his or her salt knows a thing or two about Pantone. The color-matching giant, viewed by everyone in the design community as the bellwether of color trends and keeper of the almighty Pantone Matching System catalog of colors, is never short on fun, simple pieces of memorabilia for those of us who adore the brand and the consistency of excellence that signifies it.

What it’s got in store for its next release, though, is causing aesthetes all over the world an almost-inordinate amount of glee.

Pantone Suitcases

The Pantone Suitcase, thus far rumored to be available only in Asia, is a hard-sided piece of luggage with the unmistakable Helvetica-laced logo emblazoned across the bottom on a contrasting stripe. The collection features a rainbow of color options, naturally — as well as a white suitcase that, while likely requiring a deep cleaning after every trip, sure is something to behold.

And one thing’s for certain; this certainly solves the problem of standing over a baggage carousel, trying to visually extricate one’s own black bag from a sea of nothing but the same.

Pantone Yellow and White Suitcases

For now, those of us stuck stateside will have to settle for the Pantone luggage tags that have been on the market for some time; design geeks that we are, though, we’ll likely be among the first in line once the suitcases are released.

The Pantone Suitcase, Up Close


Photo credits: Pantone

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Gorgeous stuff!

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