The Scent of Departure

April 30, 2012 by

What if you could travel to Bali without even packing? Or stroll through the Tuileries in Paris at a moment’s notice? No, we’re not talking about private jets, or teleportation technology. A new perfume line focused on bottling a city’s essence aims to transport people, without the pesky plane ride.

The Scent of Departure launched this month with 19 fragrances, named after each inspiration city’s airport code. With scents like Hong Kong, London, Istanbul and New York City, and sleek bottles resembling airport baggage tags, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these unisex scents wind up on your favorite traveler’s list of must-haves.

And at 1.7 oz each, they’re TSA-approved, meaning you can tote some along in the off chance you need a vacation from your vacation.

Having a hard time imagining beyond the smell of car exhaust and subway platforms? Think again. LA ditches smog for breezy grapefruit and plum notes and NYC is more Central Park than subway car, with hints of, you guessed it, apple.

Each bottle costs $45 and can be purchased online.

photo credit: The Scent of Departure

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  1. MeLisa says:

    I think I’d have to try a sample before I trusted a “city” to smell nice enough to be a perfume!

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