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Thermo Tents

For those who like the concept of camping but not always the reality of the discomforts of living in the great outdoors, campers now have a new level of comfort available with Thermo Tents.

The multi-layer design of these new tents is geared to eliminate three age-old problems campers have endured for years with conventional tents: cold, heat, and noise.

Thermo Tents

Problems with Conventional Tents

Camping in a conventional tent can keep you dry but if temperatures drop campers feel like it is freezing inside the tent, unless they stay inside their sleeping bags.

In the warmer months the opposite is true. When temperatures climb conventional tents become stifling no matter the time of day. For those camping with children, this can interrupt sleep routines.

Lastly, camping in a conventional tent can be noisy if you’re in a group camp setting.

How Thermo Tents Eliminate the Problems

By incorporating an additional insulated layer, the designers of Thermo Tents have corrected these problems. This revolutionary design-feature eradicates the abrupt spikes in temperature and helps muffle noise transfer in and out of the tent.

By combining an additional insulated layer with excellent ventelation, they have revolutionized the camping experience.

Thermo Tents

Two Thermo Tent Models Available

Thermo Tents are available in two models along with a number of optional accessories, which can be purchased directly from the company.

The smaller of the two versions is a three-person tent which sells for an affordable $539. This model packs into a single bag suitable for hiking, though some reviewers say it is a little too heavy for wilderness camping.

The second model is a 6-person tent which has been designed with the glamping (luxury camping) market in mind. It includes a “front porch” that provides shade or can be used for storage. This tent packs up into two bags but is a bit pricy at $1,880.

If your family is one that likes to camp, investing in a quality Thermo Tent might be worth the investment. Consider it a camping up-grade that will allow you to enjoy camping in a whole new way.

Photo credits: James Spike

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