Three Great Etsy Art Prints for Travelers

December 17, 2012 by

Travelers love to travel. But the truth is, most people spend more time at home then on the road. Which is why we love to find travel-inspired items to dress up our diggs—it’s just another way to draw out the daydream until our next getaway.

Our go-to source for unique pieces? Etsy of course. Check out these three great art prints that will look lovely hanging alongside your framed travel photos.

I Love You From Here To Ireland Print, HopSkipJumpPaper ($20)

What better way to always remember a romantic getaway to the Emerald Isle than with this poster? The print also comes in a variety of cities, countries and states (from Madrid to Montana). Each print has a standard color background, but if you think it will clash with your color scheme, you can change it for no extra charge.

Adventure is Out There Print, inkofme $15

We can’t help but smile when we watch the movie “Up” and hear the phrase “Adventure is out there!” So, naturally, this art print made our travel-happy hearts go pitter-pat. The print measures 8×10″ and the background can be customized with one of 40 colors.

Chicago Print, albiedesigns $30

We love the quirky perspectives and fun designs of all of albiedesigns city prints, but this one of the Windy City stole our hearts. Check out her design page to see prints from other locales, such as Seattle, Austin and Florence, Italy.

photo credits:HopSkipJumpPaper, inkofme and albiedesigns

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