Tips for Packing for Carry Ons

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Pack and SaveWith baggage fees for checked luggage adding to the cost of traveling, take advantage of these tips for packing your carry on. For some, it can eliminate checking luggage, for others it can at least cut back on the number of bags you check.

Compressed Packing Bags

Compressed packing bags allow you to pack more in less space.

Compressed Packing Bags

To fit more into your carry on, buy a set of compressed packing bags. They are reusable and let you pack more in less space and are available in a variety of sizes.

Just pack your clothing in the bag, and compress by rolling the bag up. One-way pressure valves release the air leaving you with a flatter, condensed bag. The more of these bags you use, the more you’ll fit into your carry on luggage.

Pack an extra compressed bag for your dirty laundry for the trip home.

Shoe Bag

Shoe bag

Shoe Bag

Shoes are bulky. Limit yourself to two pairs. Which shoes you choose will depend on your destination. For instance, for a casual trip you may choose a pair of athletic shoes and a pair of sandals; for business, you may choose a pair of dress shoes and a pair of athletic shoes.

No matter which shoes you pack, place them in a shoe bag. This lets you stash them in any gap or free space without fear of getting other items dirty.

Pack Double-duty Items

Another way to save space is to pack items that serve double duty. To make this easier, choose one color scheme. For instance, if you go with neutrals, you can mix and match pieces for multiple outfits.

Plus, you can bring a few favorite pieces of jewelry that can be used to accessorize. Pack your jewelry in zip-lock bags and stick them in any available crevice.

Lastly, buy trial sizes of personal care items you’ll need for your trip. They take up a lot less space and will pass TSA scrutiny.

Following these carry on tips will help you fit a lot more in less space and still keep your items organized and clean. You can use these same tips for your checked luggage to cut down on bulk, too.

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