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When you travel, you walk. You walk through the airport, onto the flight, back through another airport, out to a taxi, into a hotel, out to the street, down to the shopping district, out to a restaurant, into a movie theater, back to the hotel. Hard to keep track of, right?

The Trackstick II makes keeping track of your steps a breeze. Compared to a pedometer, this amped up, high-tech device will have you reconsidering that dessert menu at dinner. Knowing that you’ve walked 4 miles just getting around town means that you’ve earned that slice of cheesecake.

The Trackstick II is a lightweight, portable GPS-driven tracking device. You can carry it with you on your day-to-day travels, or take it with you on a worldwide vacation so that you can see everywhere you’ve been with the Google Earth mapping technology.

This tiny device continuously records its exact location and the distance that it’s traveled. When you get to a spot where you can plug the Trackstick II into your computer, you’ll get a map of everywhere you’ve been.

You can even use the Trackstick II to tag locations, like camp sites or favorite walking routes, so you’ll remember where you were and the route you took each time you visit the same location.

The Trackstick II retails for $199 and is available on the Trackstick website.

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