Travel Accessory: Listening Power

July 1, 2013 by


The Branch Earphone Splitter is as trendy as it is useful. You couldn’t expect any less from Moma Designs.

Plug it in to your iPod, iPhone, Computer, or DVD player and share the entertainment with 4 more ears. It has 3 outlets for headphones that helps keep everyone in tune.

At 2.75×1 inch, it’s super light and super small, so it takes up almost no space and won’t weigh you down. It’s sleek white color goes nicely with any tablet, computer, or contrasting phone case and it’s funky tree branch design keeps your tech devices looking good.

Best of all, this nifty device costs just $10. It’s the perfect travel accessory for yourself and for all your travel thirsty friends. Visit the Moma store for more information or to purchase one of these must have travel accessories.

Photo Source: Moma

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