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Most travel brushes fall apart before your vacation’s even over… leaving you with not so fresh breath and searching for the nearest pharmacy.

Now, with the Sonic Travel Toothbrush, 20,000 vibrations per minute keep your chompers clean and fresh. This battery operated brush folds up into a nifty carry case and fits nicely right in your toiletries case.

For $22.00, you get a travel brush with a hygienic, leak proof cap, and an extra replacement brush. No need for a charger, just one AAA battery, included with purchase.

Three color options allow you to choose a brush to match your travel gear, and prevent any mistaking brushes.

Visit Philips for more information, and Magellan’s to purchase one before your next vacation.

Image credit: Magellan’s

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  1. Julie C. says:

    Nifty little device to have. The price seems high but maybe it will come down after being on the market a while.

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