Travel Wallets Designed to Protect Money and Travel Docs

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Travel document wallet.

Travel document wallet.

Travel wallets come in handy when you’re on the road, and there are three main styles to choose from. Which design you choose should depend on how you plan to use it. Do you plan to use it to carry your cash or something more?

Front Pocket Travel Wallet

Front pocket travel wallet.

Pocket Travel Wallet

A pocket travel wallet offers a slim design that fits easily in the front pocket of your jacket. The design makes it less obvious that the wallet is in your pocket so it is less detectable to pickpockets.

These wallets are shaped like a pocket rather than being square. These travel wallets allow you to move your wallet and money from the back pocket which is easier for thieves to pick.

Even if you do carry a money travel wallet, it is still best not to carry too much cash with you in case something unforeseen happens. These travel wallets are not expensive and can be purchased for as little as $20.

Travel Document Wallets

Travel document wallets are used to carry and organize your travel documents easily and to keep them safe. Some experts recommend a separate wallet for carrying your passport, but travel document wallets are designed to hold tickets, extra passport photos and cash, tickets, copies of your itineraries and confirmations, as well as your passport.

Security Travel Wallet

Security travel wallets are hidden at the waistline.

Security Travel Wallets

A security travel wallet affords a little extra security from would-be thieves, because it is made to loop through your belt and to be carried inside the waistline of your pants so it is unseen.

This is the best choice for travelers who feel they need to carry large amounts of cash. These types of travel wallets are less common, so you’ll have to search for them, however you can find them online.

Other Options

Other specialty travel wallets are also available. Designs include wallets that fit your calf, or fit in a woman’s bra, or on your forearm, but these are a little more awkward when it comes to paying the cab driver.

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