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For the yogi on the go, Yoga Paws is a must. Slip them on your hands and feet and salute the sun from anywhere and everywhere.

Lugging that bulky yoga mat isn’t the easiest, or the most graceful thing to do. Fortunately, Yoga Paws has simplified the problem. They’re small and light, and travel easily to all your exotic destinations, making yoga on the go a cinch.

They weigh just 5oz. and take up no more room than a pair of socks. They’re made of non-slip natural rubber that allow you to take your practice anywhere: on a boat, on some rocks by a waterfall, on the beach, or right on the sidewalk.

Yoga Paws provide a little extra padding, great as cushioning for extra hard poses, or not so forgiving surfaces like rock and cement. They’re also great for hot yoga enthusiasts, helping to prevent slippage, and they transfer easily to the weight room as your favorite lifting glove.

My favorite use? I bring them on my runs. They motivate me to get to the top of the hill where I can slip them on and do a little yoga with a view, stretch my tired legs, and then run home!

The set (hand and foot paws) costs $36.95 for the original and $39.95 for the Elite set, made with improved rubber for extra grip. You can also purchase hand and foot paws separately. Purchase Yoga Paws directly from the Yoga Paws website.

Photo Source: Yoga Paws

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  1. Penny W. says:

    What a smart idea for a product! No more lugging a yoga mat around!

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