Unique Tents and Camping Gadgets

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VW Tent

VW tent is a perfect choice for camping at a music festival.

Camping is a fun way to kick back and relax, and a number of unique tents and camping gadgets have made it even more so.

Unique Tents

Unique tents come in all shapes and sizes. A few favorites include the full-size replica of a 1965 VW van. This two-room tent sleeps 4 and is ideal for camping at music festivals. It certainly stands out in a sea of tents in any campground.


Bubble Tent

Watch the stars in a bubble tent as you fall asleep.

The CristalBubble tent lets you literally lie on your back and look at the stars as you fall asleep. Not sure it’s the best choice when it comes to getting undressed, but this bubble tent is certainly unique. Just be careful with your pocketknife. One false move and the tent will deflate.

Campers understand the importance of hanging food out of the reach of bears, raccoon and other animals. That’s the concept with this tent. It hangs off the ground like a piñata and campers sleep securely like it’s a cocoon.

Cocoon Tent

Hang off the ground in this cocoon style tent.

Cutting Edge Camping Gadgets

Campers will find a never ending supply of new camping gadgets every year. Here are a couple that stand out above the rest.

CGear Multimat: Don’t you just hate when dirt and sand get in the tent? It’s like you can never really get rid of it. And pine needles tend to multiply on their own. It can be a problem…that is until now. The CGear Multimat is a tarp designed in dual layers. Particles fall through from the top layer so they aren’t an issue.

Kitchen Sink

A collapsible kitchen sink makes packing and cleanup easier.

The Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is a collapsible, waterproof container. It takes up little space, is light weight and holds from 5-20 liters of water (depending on which size you buy). It’s perfect for washing dishes or washing your face. The larger 20-liter size sells for around $25, so it’s an investment worth making.

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