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May 2, 2012 by

Experts agree that one of the best ways to fight jet lag and stay healthy on a plane is to drink lots and lots of water. Experts conveniently neglect to tell us where to find all that water. You can’t bring it through Security, and on the plane you’re lucky to get more than one of those tiny plastic cups.

Sure, you can buy bottled water inside the airport, but statistically speaking there’s an 80% chance that bottle is going straight into the landfill. Where it could take 700 years to decompose.

Feeling guilty yet? Carrying your own refillable water container is the most eco-friendly solution, but there’s never a good place in an over packed carry-on for several empty water bottles.

Enter the water storage bag. It works just like a sports bottle, but when empty the bag folds completely flat. The bags are nearly indestructible and totally brilliant. The downside for the chic traveler has been that most water bags are made for hiking and camping and … well … frankly, they’re just not that pretty.

Thankfully, Vapur has stepped in to fill that void. It’s “Anti-Bottle” flat bags come in several sizes and a variety of colors, and many of them are very pretty indeed. The pictured duo is $15.99, and you can find them at gift and specialty stores or online at Vapur’s shop.

Image: Vapur Shop

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