What Amenities Would Make an Airport Ideal?

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Airport Sleep Room

Airport amenities can make travel less stressful, especially if you find yourself stuck there for any amount of time. But just what amenities would make an airport ideal in your book?

A recent Global Gateway Alliance study shines a light on what the general public is looking for and how 15 major airports measure up to those expectations.

Airport Shoe Shine

Airports Considered in the Study

Of the 15 airports looked at in the study, New York’s LaGuardia Airport was most lacking in amenities. The three that came out on top were Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. The most common amenities found at the 15 airports included:

Airport Amenities People Look For

Shoe Shine: While many travelers opt for comfortable shoes that don’t need shining, these stalls are still a plus for business travelers whose shoes need a shine. Shoe shine stalls were found at 14 of the 15 airports.

Spas: Spas provide havens for relaxation and were found at 12 of the 15 airports.

Exhibits and Museums: For those looking for a way to make the time pass, exhibits and museums were found at 12 of the 15 airports.

Prayer and Meditation Rooms: Travelers looking for a quiet place to escape to meditate or pray will find it in a prayer and meditation room at 11 of the 15 airports.

Postal services: Travelers like the convenience of postal services to mail those last minute post cards. Ten of the 15 airports offered post offices and mail services.

Theaters and live music: Another popular distraction to pass time at an airport include theaters and live music. This type of entertainment was found in nine of the 15 airports.

Pharmacies and clinics: Those who aren’t feeling well or forgot to get a prescription filled find having a pharmacy or clinic at the airport a handy amenity. Eight of the 15 airports offered these services.

Showers: Shower facilities offer the opportunity to arrive at your destination refreshed and smelling your best. Seven of the 15 airports offer showers.

Airport Hotels: The convenience of airport hotels offers a bed and shower without leaving the premises. Six of the 15 provided hotels.

Airport Meditation Room

Conference Rooms: Business travelers look for the convenience of conference rooms that let you meet and catch your flight without the hassle of getting to the airport on time. Six of the airport offer conference room facilities.

One-Seat Rail Ride: This transportation system takes the stress out of using multiple forms of transportation to arrive at the airport. Six of the 15 airports offer this convenient system.

Short-Stay Hotels or Nap Rooms: For travelers who are tired but don’t have time to spend the full night at a hotel, short-stay hotels and nap rooms are the answer. Five of the 15 airports offer them.

Fitness Facilities: Four of the 15 airports provide facilities for those who need to fit in their workout before catching their flight.

Outdoor Areas: For those who get tired of being cooped up indoors and need a breath of fresh air, outdoor areas provide a pleasant change. Four of the airports feature outdoor areas.

Dry Cleaners & Laundry Services: Finishing up the list of amenities people look for at airports are dry cleaning and laundry services. These facilities would especially come in handy if your flight is delayed due to bad weather and you find yourself stuck at the airport. The bad news is that none of the airports offer these services.

This list reflects items that are convenient and interrupt life as little as possible when traveling.

Photo credits: Tracy Hunter, Daquella manera, Joe Shlabotnik

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    OMG, I would LOVE it if my nearest airport had exhibits, a movie theatre (maybe playing short films?)an outdoor area and a nap & shower facility of some kind! Can you imagine how much nicer that would be when you are stuck for hours?

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