Which Airlines Serve the Best Food?

August 11, 2014 by

Virgin America

For airline travelers looking for something a little more substantial that a tiny package of pretzels that fit in the palm of your hand, some airlines do serve meals.

The Diet Detective’s Airline Snacking and Onboard Food Service Survey with Health Ratings for 2013 reveals Virgin Airlines and Air Canada are at the top of the list when it comes to onboard meals.

Virgin America

Virgin America features meals on flights over two hours and also offers a Travel Light menu which features more substantial snacks than standard snack fare found on most flights. Meals include sandwiches, wraps and six different fresh salads in one guilt-free sampler.

Salad ingredients include assorted cheeses, roasted beets with orange and feta, asparagus antipasto with tomatoes and marinated mozzarella, honey mushroom and fig salad, smoked chicken and green lentil salad, and chocolate-raspberry mousse.

Air Canada

Air Canada

Air Canada’s business class travelers can enjoy contemporary in-flight dining which features a delicious menu that offers international cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients. They also work with Food with a Conscience to provide light options like Greek yogurt with blueberry and pomegranate for just 150 calories.

Air Canada’s OnBoard CafĂ© is available on most flights of 90 minutes or more within Canada or between Canada and the U.S. to and from Sun destinations. Passengers flying Premium Economy on their international flights are served a welcome beverage and have a choice between two hot meals which are served in a china casserole with real cutlery and glassware. These meals include a fresh salad, warm bread, and dessert.

A couple of other airlines which have shown improvement in the food they serve include Alaska Airlines which offers meals for purchase, United‘s International premium and economy dining, and JetBlue’s Eat Up Boxes and A la carte snacks which are available for a fee.

Photo credits: Jun Seita, GothamNurse

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Most passengers have learned the hard way to eat before they fly and pack lots of their own snacks, because airplane food isn’t what it used to be!

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