3 Ways to Save on Flights this Spring Break

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After months of snow and cold, spring break offers a respite from the weather while the kids are off school. The problem is that people flood to warmer climates at this time and with supply low and demand high, the prices for flights skyrocket.

While you won’t find cheap spring break tickets, there are a few ways to save on flights this spring break season.

  1. Plan ahead and don’t wait to book your flight: Don’t try to book last minute. While staying flexible and being willing to book last minute can help you save on travel most of the year, this tactic doesn’t work during spring break. Too many people want those seats, plus you’re not likely to find last minute accommodations during this peak travel time, either. Booking your flight last minute during peak demand can actually backfire and add to the cost of your ticket.
  2. Book earliest or latest flights: Traveling early or late in the day are not popular choices, but you can more often find the best deal on these flights. However, some of these flights have an increased risk of being delayed or canceled so it is best to check the track record of a flight you’re considering at FlightStats. Sometimes the cheapest flight isn’t the best choice to get you to where you’re going on time.
  3. Don’t book weekend to weekend: Flying on a Friday can add about 22% to your flight and Saturdays it still costs about 18% more. The problem with this is that some hotels and beach accommodations book weekend to weekend at this time of year with a one week minimum. Always check with your rental agent to see if you can arrive on a weekday, before you book your flight.

Father and son

Generally, the weeks of March 16 and March 23 cost travelers the most and can add as much as 33% to your ticket price. If you can book just before or after these dates, you can often save. However, some markets adjust their premium rates to reflect when the most schools will be off.

You can check Hopper.com to help you find the best deal based on your destination and trends.

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