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AARP Travel Offers New Travel Resource for Boomers

September 30, 2014 by

AARP Travel

Baby Boomers and older travelers have a new resource to help them make travel plans.

AARP Travel is a comprehensive travel site designed specifically with boomers in mind. It’s free and works well for those who like the idea of one stop shopping. Users can use the site for destination ideas or to plan and book their dream vacation.

AARP Travel

Interactive Tools

AARP Travel incorporates interactive tools to aid in planning your trip and anyone can access the information they have to offer without requiring an account. So you can shop around for your dream destination or ideas for a quick day trip and the site will provide suggestions for where to go, what to do, and how you can save money in the process.

  • Trip Finder: For those looking for destination ideas, the Trip Finder feature in the navigation bar offers inspiration. All the user has to do is answer five questions related to interests and preferences and the site will match interests with “Your Getaway Results.” From there you can explore the list of destinations by clicking the “learn more” icon or destination images.
  • Destination Guide: The “learn more” feature takes users to the Destination Guide for that particular destination. The guides are user-friendly and a great resource with suggestions from AARP’s resident travel expert. The “Discover” section of the guide provides in-depth information and is a useful tool for tailoring your trip to your individual likes.
  • Plan Your Trip: The “plan your trip” feature links to Map Explorer which let you see your destination at street level. It’s an ideal way to see a wide range of things to do and experience before you finalize your plans.

The idea behind AARP Travel is make do-in-yourself travel research easy for travelers age 50 and older. It puts resources at your fingertips for every demographic, taste and budget. Plus, you can even book your trip yourself.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    I think lots of “Boomers” are looking to travel in their older years but want to do it safely. This kind of tool would give them information they could use, while still offering the kind of freedom to pick and choose what they might like to do. Smart idea.

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