Avoid Resentment Over Money when Traveling with Others

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Traveling with friends or family is a great way to take a vacation for less. It’s creates the perfect backdrop to make lasting memories, but it often leads to disagreements about finances and who paid for what. Don’t let resentment over finances ruin your vacation and hurt your relationships.

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Decide who is paying for what before you book

Discuss the Trip Before You Book

If you want to be sure your traveling companions pay their fair share, the key is to make expectations clear before you book the trip, and spell out who will pay for what. Along with that, it is important to agree on how luxurious you expect the trip to be.

If these things are set in writing on the front end of the trip, it will be easier to manage payment of every aspect of your trip. Some things can be paid for individually, like plane tickets. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out who owes what, an all-inclusive resort vacation makes it easy to split the costs.

Decide What You Want to Do and See Ahead of Time

Along with money, it is important to talk about what everyone wants to do and see. Not everyone likes to spend their travel money doing the same things. If one person hopes to enjoy the nightlife and another wants to visit all the historical sites in the area, it could lead to a conflict.

Talking about it ahead of time can help smooth over differences. You may decide accommodations are shared 50-50 while individual activities are paid separately by those doing them.


Include the buying of groceries in your plan.

Groceries and Eating Out

If you’re staying in a villa, condo, or other rental equipped with a full kitchen, talk about what meals you plan to eat in. For instance, lunch out is usually less expensive than dinner. For those trying to spend less on eating, lunch out and dinner in is a working option.

Either way, groceries will need to be purchased. Have each family set aside a specific amount and take turns buying the groceries.

Having a plan in writing before you book your vacation can help alleviate squabbles over money that can ruin the fun. Other things to discuss are sleeping preferences to ensure everyone gets the size bed they want, and who will be doing the cooking when meals are eaten in.

Keep all receipts in one place, so they can be added up later. And even though you are vacationing together, make plans for some alone time to do your own thing.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Good tips. Even friends can have different ideas about the style of vacation they want to enjoy and discussing all the nitty-gritty details up front will help you settle any stirring arguments.

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