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Book Now Pay Later: Layaway Travel

August 19, 2014 by


Think you can’t afford to book a vacation? Think again. Layaway travel allows customers to plan and pay ahead for that much needed getaway and it’s becoming a more frequent option with travel sites.

How Layaway Travel Works

While each travel site will have their own terms and conditions, booking a trip will require a deposit when you book. The remaining balance is then broken into smaller payments that are set up with monthly payments often charged to customer’s credit cards.

While you’re still paying the same amount, instead of having a large amount due 45 to 60 days prior to departure, the small payments make booking well in advance manageable. To bring payments down you’ll need to book at least two seasons in advance.

For example, during the winter it’s time to book your summer or next winter’s vacation, not a spring getaway. Planning further into the future keeps payments small and more affordable because payments are stretched across a longer time period.

Vacation Layaway

Sears Vacations

Sears Vacations Layaway Program offers a flexible way to purchase vacations that allows you to pay for select vacation packages over time. They feature layaway options including more than 3,000 cruises and over 5,000 land-based vacations. Visit their website or call toll free at 855-777-9609 to talk with a Personal Vacation Consultant.

Gate 1 Travel

With Gate 1 Travel, you can put down as little as $100 per person to reserve your spot on a dream vacation up to a year or more in advance. They offer a flexible payment plan letting you pay as much or a little as you can until the final payment is due.

Another bonus when using the Gate 1 Travel layaway plan is that those who pay by check are eligible to receive a 5% discount!

eLayaway Travel

eLayaway Travel offers a layaway plan that’s different from others because it is a non-credit based payment option. Their revolutionary layaway payment system lets travel agencies expand their consumer base to include credit-conscious shoppers by offering a plan that lets them calculate, automate and manage their own travel layaway program for clients.

Vacations are meant to be stress free. What better way to eliminate stress than to make sure it’s all paid for before you leave? Layaway travel takes away the burden of worrying about a maxed out credit card.

Photo credits: yoppy, SearsVacations

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  1. Penny W. says:

    This sounds like a better plan than taking the trip on your credit card and then worrying about paying it off for a year afterward, when you resent that the trip is over.

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