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August 1, 2012 by

With such an adorable cartoon chipmunk leading the way on the Hipmunk page, how could you not want to book all of your travel arrangements on this site? Hipmunk made waves in 2010 when it launched its airfare search engine.

The primarily grid and map-driven interface is user-friendly and quirky, with search options like an Agony meter that helps you get to your destination with as little headache as possible. Type in your travel destination and preferred dates of travel and Hipmunk returns a grid with all of the available options, affordably priced.

Hipmunk will even include train schedules and options where applicable.

In 2012, Hipmunk got even hipper with the inclusion of their hotel finder. Put in where you are going and Hipmunk will return a map with colored dots that indicate prices of available hotels and, get this, AirBnB.com listings.

You can sort by location, price, quality, distance, amenities or Ecstasy (Hipmunk’s unique algorithm that includes user reviews in addition to other criteria). Hipmunk even has a heat map so that you can see where the majority of the bars, restaurants, and attractions in a location are and choose to stay in that “hot” area.

Hipmunk appeals to a crowd that is interested in affordable, fun travel. With the addition of their Business Class  service in 2012, companies or travel planners who need to plan for group travel and multiple trips can now do so easily though the Hipmunk search engine.

With all of the improvements that Hipmunk has made in just two years, we’re excited to see where this company will be in the not-too-distant future.

Photo source: Hipmunk

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