Bundling Travel – Do You Really Save?

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Bundling Travel

We all know about the benefits of bundling our phone, Internet, and TV, but what many people don’t know is you can do the same and save big when it comes to planning your next getaway.

However, just like with phones, you must do your homework to make sure it really is the best deal and that there are no strings attached.

Bundling Travel

Benefit of Travel Bundling

Travel sites offer several ways to save. For instance, Orbitz offers rewards up to 5 percent on hotels and one percent on flights. These loyalty Orbucks rewards can be instantly redeemed on thousands of hotels around the world, but the people at Orbitz say you can save even more by bundling airfare, hotel, and car rental.

Bundling often earns you free nights, room upgrades and more when you book your flight and hotel together. And, before you book anything, be sure to check for a promotion code to save even more.

Orbitz isn’t alone when it comes to promoting savings through bundling. Expedia and Travelocity also offer savings through bundling. In fact, Expedia offers three package options including: air-and-hotel, hotel-and-car, and air-hotel-car, and allows searches for multiple destinations.

Bundling Travel

Before You Bundle

While bundling can be a great way to save money on travel, before you bundle, be sure to check for any strings attached to the deal. As much as you can save through bundling, sometimes these packages limit your flexibility and hide the price of each component. If it hides the actual price you’re paying for each part of the trip, it makes it harder to know if you’re really getting the best deal.

While bundling can save you money, there’s also a chance that if you create your own “bundle” you may even do better. The savvy traveler needs to be proactive and while that may take a little extra time, it pays off in savings in the end.

Set Up a Price Alert

To start the process of looking for the cheapest flights, set up price alerts. Price alert tools send alerts directly to your email. Kayak’s price alert tool is a good place to start because it is easy to use.

All you have to do is go to Kayak.com and perform a flight search. Type in your departure and destination information. On the search results screen click the “Price alert” link. A pop up box will appear.

Just fill in the information related to your travel plans and select “lowest price” and you’ll receive alerts each day with the lowest priced trip for the entire month. If you want to limit emails choose “weekly” and it will generate one email alert per week instead of one every day.

Once you’ve made your selections, click “save,” and the emails will start showing up in your inbox.

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