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Clyfford Still Museum

March 22, 2013 by

Abstract Expressionism has a unique way of depicting emotion. This era of art began after WWII and used abstract shapes and designs, and new brush techniques that conveyed creation, life, struggle and death (the “human condition”).

Clyfford Still, an American born artist, was a leader in this era of art.

After Clyfford Stills’ death, his home was closed off from public view. Thirty years later, his wife, Patricia Still, awarded their estate and the remainder of his works to Denver. Thus, the Clyfford Still Museum was born. It now carries 94% of Stills works, all unique and powerful on their own.

Not all of the works are Expressionist works. The museum has over 2400 works that include pieces of Depression-era styles, Surrealist style, and his famous Abstract works. Some of his works are on paper, and some on 10 x 14 ft canvasses, and all are equally inspiring.

The museum is located in the Cultural Arts District in Denver, and sits just across from the Denver Art Museum. Tickets are $10, and youth under 5 years old are free.

Keep an eye on the website for their rotating FREE days!

Image Source: marianne muegenburg cothern

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