Delta Offering New Upgrade From Commercial to Private Jet

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In this day when airlines are always looking for ways to increase profits, we’ve come to expect things like baggage fees and less leg room as they squeeze more seating into an already crowded scenario.

Now Delta has come up with a way to make more by offering upgrades to their elite-status passengers who are headed to the same city as an empty Delta Private Jet.

Delta Private Jets

Delta Private Jets is a subsidiary of the airline, and they will shortly be offering select travelers the opportunity to upgrade their commercial ticket to fly on a private jet that would otherwise be traveling empty.

It turns out that these privates jets often fly empty when they have to drop passengers off in one city and then fly to another city empty on the way to pick up their next paying customer.

Delta Private Jet

New Upgrade Offers Flight Aboard Empty Private Jet

For elite-status passengers headed to the same city as one of those empty private jets, an upgrade will be offered to fly aboard the private jet for between $300 and $800. However, the airline has already said that as demand rises, the price for the upgrade may go up as well.

And while that price may sound a little steep to those who fly coach, it really is a good deal when you consider the hourly rate at Delta Private Jets can start at $6,700 for a midsize jet.

How the Upgrade Will Work

Passengers scheduled to fly at the same time as an empty private jet headed to the same destination will receive an e-mail at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time offering an upgrade for a fee. Those passengers will have until 6:00 the evening before departure to accept.

Once that person accepts the upgrade, others holding a ticket purchased by the same person may also be upgraded. This upgrade also includes transportation from the terminal to the private aviation area.

Other benefits include skipping airport security lines and on-board catering.

Delta Private Jet

Who Is Eligible

While Delta (DAL) fliers who already have tickets will be eligible, a hierarchy will be in place as to who is offered the upgrades first. Passengers with Delta Private Jet Cards will be considered first followed by the four tiers of Delta’s Medallion program for frequent fliers.

This program is close to launch and will offer more people the opportunity to upgrade their commercial ticket and experience the luxury of flying private. Delta Private Jets operates 66 aircraft and will fly in and out of 52 cities for this program.

Photo credits: Bloomberg Business

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