Europe Isn’t as Expensive as You Think it Is

June 11, 2012 by

According to a recent Skyscanner poll, Europe isn’t nearly as pricey as we think it is.

Each year, the European travel search site conducts a study of 30 popular vacation destinations, asking respondents to rate countries according to costs within the country (not including the costs of flights).

Skyscanner then holds that data up to their own research of actual costs (the average in resort costs per day based on common expenditures like a cup of coffee, bottle of beer, meals and a night’s accommodation) to see the disparity.

In this year’s poll, India was perceived to the be cheapest country by respondents, when in actuality it ranked 5th (Morocco took the top spot for cheapest country). Travelers also grossly overestimated the savings of South American countries, like Brazil, which was thought to be 9th cheapest, but actually weighed in 29th out of 30 countries.

But what may be most surprising is that actual cost of several countries in Europe were found to be cheaper than suspected. Poland came in at number 3, Portugal placed 4th (not in 10th place, as travelers thought), and Spain was 6th cheapest (as opposed to number 13).

Other European rankings include Ireland at number 8, the UK at number 9 and Germany at number 10.

Skyscanner is a UK-based company, and all calculations are made using sterling. But these numbers still give travelers everywhere a good grasp on the real vs perceived costs of visiting a destination. Want to check out all the results? Check out the full list here.

Have you ever been surprised by costs in another country? What were the bargains? What were the unhappy surprises?

photo credit: Lisbon, Portugal from Fr Antunes, flickr

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