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GetGoing a Useful Tool for the Flexible Traveler

March 4, 2014 by

GetGoing was recently listed as one of the best 50 websites by Time Magazine. Flexibility is an element that has offered savings to travelers for years, but this new plane-ticket site is different than competitors and brings a new meaning to flexibility and savings. It is designed for people who are willing to consider more than one destination if it has the possibility of saving money.

Pick Two, Get One Feature

For those leisure travelers who are most flexible, the “pick two, get one” feature offers a deeply discounted ticket to one of two destinations specified by the user. This means you choose two possible destinations and the site chooses one of them randomly. The Pick Two, Get One Feature can save travelers up to 40% off flights.

Get Going


For those who aren’t quite that flexible, they also offer a more general-interest FareFinder feature. This technology makes it possible to search multiple places based on your search criteria. You can search by city, region, country, or even experience and makes it easy to sift through multiple possibilities on one screen.

For instance, you can look up Caribbean beaches and see all the options on one screen along with suggestions for nearby airports you could fly into for a lower price. GetGoing asks travelers to pick one date and two locations for their potential trip. They develop flight deals and itineraries for both options and users choose their preference.

Choosing two different destinations that are at least 50 miles apart adds a new twist to finding cheaper fares. Users must commit to buying tickets before they know where they are going for sure.

For those searching for a hotel, GetGoing lets you search for the best deals and book rooms anywhere in the world. This new travel site has found a way to make frugal travelers and the airlines happy.

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