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Google’s Flight Search Makes Finding Best Flights Easy

December 3, 2013 by

Google Flight Search

The Internet has made searching for flights easy, and Google’s Flight Search has made it even easier. It’s a fast way to search for the best flights all in one place. When you see a flight that works for you, just click the “book” button and it links you to a website where you can purchase tickets.

Choose the Number of Stops

This handy tool lets you search by departure and arrival city, round trip or one way, and multi-city options for starts. Flights can then be narrowed further by number of stops. Users can choose “any” to see all flights or choose nonstop, up to 1 stop, or up to 2 stops.

Google Flight Search

Check Flights by Price

Flights can also be selected based on price. For example, you may want to look for flights under $350. The amount can be easily changed with the slide of the control to see what’s available for under $400, and so on to help you find the cheapest flight.

Search by Airline

The next tool in the menu allows you to search by airline. For users who want a complete overview of all flights, the “any airline” option lists all airlines with flights that meet chosen parameters. For those who have airline preferences, a dropdown list of all airlines available lets users choose the airline of their choice.


Google’s Flight Search also lets you customize departure and arrival times to suit your schedule with a separate menu under the “more” tab that lets you select the duration of the trip.

Hotel Information

While you’re there, Google’s Flight Search also includes a hotel tab that quickly compares hotel prices in your destination city.

While Google’s Flight Search is easy to use and puts all the information you need to find a flight at your fingertips, if you want even more options, check out Matrix which is also owned by Google. It offers the ability to customize your search even further.

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