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Hotel Prices Down Overseas

April 7, 2015 by

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With the American economy picking up strength and the value of the euro at a 12 year low, the dollar has greater buying power overseas. The good news for American travelers, it that it looks like it may be that way for the next couple of years.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Europe, now is a good time. Hotel prices are down and other items can be purchased for less, too. That means, for those who have the money to travel overseas, now is the time they’ll get the most for their¬†dollar.

Hotel Room Prices Down

According to a TripAdvisor survey of 2015 hotel room prices, hotel rooms overseas have dropped an average of 7 percent, with an even bigger drop of 9 percent in Europe. That translates to an average per night cost of $121 currently.

Last year at the same time, the average was $133 a night in Europe and $120 in the U.S. “Eight of the top 10 countries with the largest percentage hotel rate decrease on TripAdvisor year-over-year are in Europe.”

Shared Economy

Countries with the Largest Percentage Drop in Hotel Prices

While American travelers can find savings throughout Europe, the deals aren’t limited to Europe. The biggest drop in hotel prices is seen in Russia with a 45.2% drop to $80 a night.

Other countries that made the top-10 list include: Ukraine ($71), Sweden ($151), Norway ($173), Poland ($67), Romania ($65), Bulgaria ($64), France ($109), Morocco ($106) and Uruguay ($131). However, in some of these countries unrest has raised safety concerns that should be taken into consideration.

TripAdvisor’s report is full of helpful information to help locate the greatest accommodation value and offers pointers on the most affordable months to stay at hotels around the world.

The information is based on hotel pricing data that compares rates from hundreds of booking partners, and also takes into account changes in U.S. exchange rates over the past year.

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