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Lebowski Bar

March 21, 2013 by

Walking down the main street in Reykjavik Iceland, you’ll be enticed by plenty of small, swanky bars boasting funky beats. But there’s one in particular, with bright lights that calls for you to walk just a little further to see what’s there.

The Lebowski Bar, lit up in pink and green neon lighting. DUDE!

First, you step up into the main room, decorated with photos from the famous movie, quotes painted on the walls, and full bowling lanes strewn across the ceiling with bowling pins jutting out of  downward as if reaching to be part of the action.

There are hip 70’s style, red pleather couches with waiter service, or you can walk up and order a cocktail yourself.

Continue past this crowd catching main room into the back, the Diner room, with it’s checkered floor and shiny metal hot rod theme. Here, during the daytime, you can order your favorite diner type food.

Late at night, the tables disappear and the speakers bump out oldies that draw a particular crowd. Women with high waisted pants, button up shirts, bandanas around their necks, coifed hair and red lipstick.

The people watching alone is sure to be one highlight of your night, but you just can’t resist dancing along to “You aint’ nothin’ but a hound dog…”

It’s a fun bar, that seems mildly out of place in Iceland, yet is welcoming and sure to leave a mark in your memory!

Image Source: Hanataro

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  1. Penny W. says:

    ’50s music in a ’70s era bar based on a US cult movie in Iceland?? That is different, all right.

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