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Must Visit: Müller’sches Volksbad

March 18, 2013 by

If you’re in Munich, you must see these historical pools. Built in 1901, Müller’sches Volksbad was the first public pool in Munich. At that time, having your own private baths was a luxury.

The name for the pools means “Müllers Public Pools” after the engineer, Carl Müller, who provided the funding for their construction. His only request was that they be open to all citizens of Munich.

There are two main pools, a “gentlemen’s pool,” and a “ladies” pool. You can also relax in individual baths for a more private experience.

Don’t miss the Roman steam baths or the Finnish sauna, both highlight attractions at the Volksbad. The steam baths are a series of rooms that are slowly heated to different temperatures, 45-80 degrees celsius, to allow the body to warm slowly, from within.

In the sauna, the ambient changing lighting encourages you to melt into the benches, while water is poured on hot rocks and steam helps to cleanse and detoxify you.

Other attractions at the pools are the open air courtyard where you can cool down, and catch some sun. There is also a restaurant and cafe with a beer garden, a staple of German culture.

The pools are open 7 days a week and a very small fee of 4€ will give you access all day long.

Image Source: Stadtwerke Muünchen

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