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Plan Your Vacation and Save through Outski

May 7, 2014 by


Outski offers a new resource to help connect people who want to travel and experience what life has to offer and save money at the same time.

While it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with skiing directly, this new site offers a system for saving money, organizing your travel budget, and features tools to help book your trip.

Travel Savings

Saving Money

One of the things that hold many people back from travel is that they can’t afford it. Outski is designed to change that. The tools available help determine how much money you need for your trip as well as how much you need to save each month to make it happen.

You can create a virtual savings account based on your budget and then Outski automatically debits your checking or savings account to put aside the money you’ll need to make your travel dreams come true.

The Cost

While there’s no monthly fee to have a Vacation Savings Account (VSA), there are fees associated with the Outski Prepaid Card issued by Sutton Bank which is a debit card used to access your account of allocated funds. You do not have to open a VSA to use Outski, but without it access to Outski’s features and functionality are limited including trip savings.

Reduced Travel Costs

The technology offered at Outski provides an online platform where travelers can coordinate their travel plans with others and reduce the cost of travel in an effective way.

You Can Change Plans

The site has what they call the “vault” — a safe place to keep unallocated funds. For instance, if you have $700 saved toward a trip to England and cancel your plans, that $700 can be moved to the vault until you figure out where you do want to go.

Outski has been developed to work for individuals as well as for businesses but is still in beta, so may require a little patience.

This new resource does hold promise for helping make travel plans you can afford. They have an iOS Mobile Application and are currently developing an app for Android, Microsoft, iPad and other mobile platforms. Visit their website for more information.

Photo credits: outski, Ken Teegardin

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