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Prague Stop

July 21, 2014 by


Beyond the Charles Bridge, below the Prague Castle, and well into locals terrain, the Lennon Wall is an often overlooked tourist attraction in Prague, Czech Republic. On your next visit, be sure to stroll down the riverside to see this spectacle of art as it transforms before your eyes.

Since the 1980’s, this wall has been the canvas for Czech students, artists, and youth to display their anti-war, anti-Communism, and general graffiti. The historical wall has, in the past, been a source of disagreement between the police and the young, peace seeking youth, but is now accepted as a wall of free speech and beautiful art.

It’s a unique stop in Prague that’s absolutely free. Bring a marker and leave your own mark in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Lennon Wall. If you’re lucky enough to visit again, see if you’re tag is still there!

Photo Source: Flickr/beggs

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