Recent Gas Prices Affect Spring Break Travel

March 22, 2013 by

Gas Prices

The unpredictability of gas prices makes it hard to plan for families heading out for a spring break get away. According to a survey of Auto Club of Southern California, members planning to make a leisure trip over spring break dropped from 57% in 2012 to 47% this year.

So, what can you expect of gas prices for spring break?

Gas Prices for Spring Break

The good news is, gas prices have dropped slightly as we head into the spring break season. While prices never seem to drop as rapidly as the rise, travelers are happy to see the cost of gas going in the right direction, with the national average dropping by a penny per gallon this week to $3.69.

“Gas prices slid again this week, but the rate of decrease is expected to slow as we approach spring—a time when demand starts to pick up. If prices do fall this week, the decrease will likely be minimal, otherwise prices should remain stable and below year-ago levels.” — Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman, The Auto Club Group.

Day trip

Take advantage of nearby attractions this spring break.

Short Trips the Spring Break Trend

The influence of high gas prices has many travelers taking multiple shorter, less expensive trips over the spring break period in place of a longer and more expensive vacation.

Many families have sought out family-friendly spring break destinations within hours of home that don’t break the bank. This includes day trips that don’t require an overnight stay or nearby destinations that only require 2-3 night stays.

If you’re new to the concept of day trips and short vacations, sit down with the family and a local map and start brainstorming ideas of what you’d like to do.

Make a list of possible interesting ideas. Consider country parks that offer recreational activities, attractions, and other places you’ve never visited that offer things to do. You may be surprised by the list of day-tripping possibilities!

With recent gas prices riding an unpredictable roller coaster, planning a shorter trip not only saves on gas, but cuts your travel time so you can actually enjoy your destination a little more.

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