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Road Trip Travel App

November 7, 2013 by


Ever sitting around thinking…”Man, I could really go for an adventure!”

Well, now you can pick up an run (or drive) with the help of this pocket size travel agent. Budget Travel has developed a road trip travel app for iPhone and Android that will guide you all along the windy roads.

Choose your preferred location in the country and the length of time you want to spend on the open road, then go. Along the way, your “agent” will show you where to stop for a good view, a bite to eat, or a bed to sleep in.

Ratings in the app will show you the expected cost (accurate at the time of development) of all the recommended stops to help keep you on budget.

Find yourself screaming down a desert road, dodging tumbleweeds or drifting along a sun kissed coastline. You decide.

You won’t miss any of the good stuff and you’ll have tons of photos to share in the end. The adventure never stops with Budget Travel’s Road Trip App.

Photo Source: Flickr/NCBrian

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  1. Julie C. says:

    That’s a pretty neat app, if it works. It’s nice to get off the beaten path and not worry too much about if you are going to get lost!

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