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Don’t waste your vacation money on baggage fees.

In recent years many airlines have started charging airline baggage fees. The more bags you check, the more you pay, but a few airlines still allow their passengers to check bags for free.

Baggage Fees Add Up

When making airline reservations, be sure to ask for information on baggage fees so they don’t take you by surprise at the airport. If you make your reservation online, look for “baggage fee information” to get current fees for flights you are considering.

Fees vary from one airline to another, with one fee for the first bag, a higher fee for a second bag, and an even higher fee for more checked baggage and additional fees for overweight luggage. It all adds up. 

Luggage check in

Restrictions apply for complimentary checked baggage.

Airlines with Free Checked Bags

To save money when traveling by air, this handful of airlines still offer flights with no baggage fees, but some restrictions apply or fees will be charged, so it’s important to look at current guidelines. 

  • Air Canada: When you travel on an Air Canada flight, there is no charge for the first checked bag, but additional checked luggage incurs fees determined by your fare, destination, date of travel and frequent flyer status. There is also a fee for overweight bags of $75 for bags weighing between 51-70 pounds. Check current guidelines here. 
  • JetBlue: The first checked bag is free on JetBlue, but size restrictions apply and it cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. Also, if the flight is marketed or operated by other carriers, a baggage fee may be charged. A $40 fee is charged for a second checked bag, and $75 for a third (or more) bags. Check current guidelines here. 
  • Southwest: Southwest airlines allows two checked bags per ticketed customer, but again, size and weight restrictions apply. Bags can weight no more than 50 pounds with a maximum size no larger than 62 inches. A third bag incurs a $75 fee. Check current guidelines here. 
  • WestJet: WestJet fliers can check two complimentary bags…that means free. However, they cannot be overweight and must meet size guidelines. When bags are over-size or overweight, fees will apply. Check current guidelines here. 

Baggage fees can add up quickly, adding hundreds to your travel expenses. You can save by flying with one of these airlines and following their weight and size restrictions when you pack. 

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