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Save Money with Bing Travel’s Price Predictor

January 22, 2014 by

Bing Price PredictorWeb savvy travelers know to use the Web to find the best value for airfare. With that in mind, the key for finding the best flight prices is timing, and that’s where Bing Travel’s Price Predictor comes in. It can help identify whether ticket prices have fallen to their lowest point or if you should wait a few more days for the best price.

According to Bing Travel, most people who use Price Predictor save an average of $50 per ticket.

Searching for Flights on Bing Travel

Bing Travel allows users to search for flights directly from multiple sites, suppliers, and agencies. When you find the flight you want, a link takes you to the supplier’s site for booking.

Bing Price Predictor

The Price Predictor Difference

Bing’s Price Predictor offers help that stands out from other travel tools. Bing Travel analyzes millions of round-trip flight itineraries every day and judiciously filters airfare information to determine the best prices and deals available.

The Bing Travel Price Predictor offers insights as to whether fares are going up, holding steady, or dropping, and offers practical advice on whether you should buy now or wait. If fares are predicted to rise, travelers are likely to pay more by waiting, and if fares are predicted to drop, travelers may save money by waiting.

How to Use It

When it comes to making reservations, the best deals usually require a nonrefundable deposit. The Bing Price Predictor can help you decide if that’s a risk you want to take.

This tool is easy to use. Just enter your desired flight itinerary information and the tool will let you know whether to buy your tickets now or to wait, based on historical fare date and price trends. While there is no guarantee that these statistics will point you in the right direction, the site claims to have about a 75 percent accuracy rate and independent experts don’t dispute these numbers.

Bing’s “rate indicator” can also be used to help shop for hotel rooms in the same way. It lets you know the current price and whether it is a deal or not.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    No matter what, I always seem to have to travel on the most expensive dates! A tool like this might help me having to fall into that trap every time.

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