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Holiday Palms

If you’re planning to travel for the holidays this year, book your airfare before mid-October to save on fares. An analysis of fares done by the travel site Kayak has shown we can expect them to go up.

Last year fares rose by 17% for Thanksgiving, 51% for Christmas, and 25% for New Year’s Eve. With that in mind, now is the time to book. For Christmas and New Year’s travel, book for sure by mid-November to find the best rates.

Christmas Decorations

Holiday season is just round the corner. If you don’t think so, just look at your local department stores as they shuffle stock to prepare for the holidays. Some have even put out early holiday items and are offering “early-bird” specials for shoppers who understand the value of shopping sooner rather than later.

That’s the way holiday travelers should think. Some of the best holiday travel deals are already available. Whether you plan to go home for the holidays, are planning a resort type vacation, or a visit to some other hot spot, if you shop now you’ll find cheaper holiday flights to get you there.

For instance, OneTravel.com is currently offering non-refundable holiday fares starting as low as $166 round trip along with a $15 off coupon.

Travel Off-Peak Days

You can usually find the cheapest fares if you adjust your schedule to travel Wednesday to Sunday for Thanksgiving and from Thursday to Sunday for Christmas and New Year’s. For the absolute best deals, travel on the holiday itself if that can work into your plans.

Sometimes incorporating even one off-peak day can lower your fare significantly. For instance, you may not be willing to sacrifice being at Grandma’s on Thanksgiving day in order to travel off-peak days, but you can take advantage of those days on your return trip by traveling on Saturday rather than Sunday. Sometimes traveling off-peak can save as much as 25% – 50%.

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Good points! I just booked hotel and flight for next month and found the rates for both changed significantly depending on the day of the week and which week in the month!

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