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SeatGuru Perfect App for the Savvy Traveler

June 10, 2015 by

Airline Seats

When it comes to flying, travelers have an opportunity to control their seating more than ever through SeatGuru’s free revamped iPhone app.

This app features color-coded seating charts for every flight that offer a wealth of information. To use it, just input your airline and flight number and an interactive seating chart for your flight will display.

Seat Guru

Insider Information

SeatGuru provides insider information on the best seats and offers tips on which rows provide the most leg room, and points out which rows don’t recline. This preeminent guide to air travel also lets you know what amenities are included with seating, and even lets you see which seats are located nearest to the bathroom.

Armed with these kinds of specifics, you’ll be able to book the seat you really want instead of feeling trapped on an 8-hour economy flight with regret and cramped legs.

Seat Guru

Search for Cheapest Flight

Along with equipping travelers with more than 700 color-coded seat charts which are backed by over 50,000 reviews from flyers, the app also features a flight search engine powered by TripAdvisor. This feature helps travelers to easily find the cheapest airfares.


The interactive aspect of this app lets you share comments or photos related to your flight with others and offers a realistic, honest depth to the level of information provided.

SeatGuru has also striven to keep the information-sharing process user friendly by making it easy to submit feedback by logging into your Facebook account.

This handy app is free and fairly easy to use. It’s a perfect accessory to help savvy people to travel smarter and to help the whole fly experience to be more bearable by equipping you with the information you need to help select the right airplane seat without being forced┬áto dish out extra cash for first class seats.

Just look for the best seats in economy without paying more, and if you need a little help in finding your way around this app, WebShare101 offers online instructions.

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