Take Advantage of Travel Discounts for Older Americans

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Retirement Money

Many Baby Boomers and retired Americans enjoy travel in their “golden” years, but what they’re looking for in a destination often is much different than when they were younger. For instance, in your 30s you probably weren’t checking to be sure a hospital or health care are nearby, or what kind of senior friendly facilities and activities are part of a trip.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is looking for the best deal. One advantage to getting older is that there are a variety of travel discounts available to older Americans.

The Right Time

When you buy your airline ticket can make a big difference in stretching your travel dollar. On Tuesdays, most airlines put special pricing in place and some seats are discounted by 15-25% or more. Rates change late on Monday and are in place on-line on Tuesday.

Another factor is timing your travel for the best deal. Travel during shoulder seasons and you can see big savings.

For instance, everyone wants to travel at Christmas, while the first two weeks of December offer bargains as agents and hotels hope to attract travelers. Discounts are often 20% off the price you would pay two weeks later for the exact same destination and accommodations.

Senior Citizen on Vacation

Talk with hotels and airlines about discounts for seniors when booking.

Take Advantage of Memberships

Memberships like AARP and AAA offer a number of traveling discounts for seniors. These discounts can run anywhere between 10-50% off hotels included in their network. Along with these types of memberships, individual hotels also offer programs, such as the Hilton’s Senior Travel Honors program, that are available for an annual fee.

Ask About Discounts

Talk with hotels and airlines when booking and ask about senior travel discounts. For instance, Best Western offers a 10% discount for those 55 and older and Comfort Inn provides a 20-30% discount to people who are 60 or older.

It’s worth asking about possible travel discounts for seniors.

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