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Tallahassee Museum Offers Affordable Adventure

January 29, 2015 by

Aerial Course

The Tallahassee Museum is nestled amid 52 acres of stunning Florida flora and fauna and makes an ideal destination for all ages.

Kids feel like they’re visiting the zoo with living exhibits of native wildlife. Fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers breathe in the beauty of the natural gardens and nature trails, and history buffs immerse themselves in a 19th century experience on the Big Ben Farm.

It offers a first-hand history lesson through living history of southern communities during that time. Mix all this with the adventure of zip lines, an aerial course, and Jim Gary’s Twentieth Century Dinosaurs exhibit, and it promises fun for everyone.

As an added bonus its admission is affordable and won’t break your vacation budget.

Florida panther

Florida panther

Native Wildlife on Exhibit

Native wildlife is on display in natural settings. Visitors stroll through the outdoor museum to view the wildlife from elevated boardwalks.

The animals housed here were either raised in captivity or have limited abilities resulting from an injury and could not survive on their own in the wild. Animals you’ll get to see include the rare Florida panther, red wolf, a playful river otter, tree-climbing grey fox, alligator, bears, white-tailed deer, and more.

1880s Kitchen

1880s Kitchen

Big Ben Farm

The Big Ben Farm lets visitors step into the sights, smells, and lifestyles of the region’s rural 1880s.

Visit authentic farm buildings, along with farm animals that contributed to day-to-day life including the mule, sheep, cow, and others. Walk through the garden to see Southern crops like cotton, sugar cane, and sweet potatoes, and visit the farmhouse to see how the people lived back then including sleeping arrangements and cooking appliances.

It’s a fun but interesting and informative experience for everyone.

Zip Lines and Aerial Games

Those looking for thrills will find them in the tree-tops as they soar through the cypress swamp via zip lines, or conquer aerial games and obstacles in the museum’s Tallahassee Tree to Tree Adventures courses. This is a separately ticketed adventure and will add anywhere from an hour to three hours to your visit.

Admission prices are $10 for adults and less for kids and seniors with group rates (20 or more) even less. Allow for 2 to 3 hours for your visit to give you enough time to explore and enjoy all the Museum has to offer.

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