Tips On How to Save on Flights from the Man Who Flies for Free

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Scott Keyes is known as “the man who flies for free” and for good reason. To say he is an expert in this field is an understatement.

He currently has booked a world trip that will take him to 13 countries, 20,000 miles and include 21 flights, and he is doing it all for free. And the good news is that he’s willing to share how he does it in his two e-books “How to Fly for Free” and “How to Find Cheap Flights.”

How to Fly on Cheap Flights

How to Find Cheap Flights

In his book “How to Find Cheap Flights” Keyes admits that he “used a number of tips and tricks to help create my own luck.” He uses flexibility with times, dates, and locations to help attain the most economical ticket.

It all started when others heard about his $65 ticket to Europe. He was flooded with questions on whether or not he could find others deals, and many people asked him to let them know if he came across such a deal again.

He started an email list to alert everyone and in a recent interview with Business Insider, he admitsĀ helping other travelers find a good deal is a “labor of love.”

How to Fly for Free

He makes recommendations for a few websites he uses instead of Priceline or Kayak.

“If I could recommend one website for people who want to get good deals for their flights, it’s TheFlightDeal.com.” This site posts what Keyes calls “fat finger discounts” or “mistake fares” that last for a very short time before they are spotted and fixed.

Keyes suggests that when you come across a really cheap flight like this, that you take advantage of it within a couple of hours. Such a “mistake” is how he was able to fly to Milan for just $67.

In his words, theĀ adventurous bargain traveler recommends that “if you see a cheap flight that takes you somewhere even remotely interesting (or close to somewhere interesting), buy it and figure out the rest later.”

Start with a Blank Slate

When talking about flexibility and flights, most people think it means to be flexible with your dates. Keyes suggests it is more than that and that most of us approach our travel plans a bit backwards.

“They decide where they want to go and then try to find the cheapest flight to get there. But if your ultimate goal is to be able to find as cheap a flight as possible and go somewhere cool for not much money, then starting with an open, blank slate and going wherever there’s a cheap flight right now is going to be your best bet.”

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